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Simply put, BuyHerself serves the needs of women looking for information on buying or selling their homes. The BuyHerself seminar series is a well received and much needed program that helps women navigate the often complex home buying and selling processes. In a relaxed, informative, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment, BuyHerself seminars are a welcome change from the often high pressure or confusing setting of the traditional financial services and realty offices. One of our most frequent comments at the end of a BuyHerself seminar is “empowering”. When we joined forces in Real Estate, it became immediately clear there was a huge void in both financial services and real estate when it came to serving women. Given that women on their own constitute on average 20% of real estate markets, it was an area we jumped into with relish! Together, we developed a series of seminars designed to provide the information, guidance and support that was not always readily available. A large financial decision, like buying or selling a home, needs to be an informed and unbiased decision, with all options investigated and understood. Women attend a BuyHerself seminar when they find themselves ready to set-down roots or begin building equity or even in an unexpected situation like widowhood or divorce. BuyHerself is expanding in North America, and we’ve heard from women in cities across North America who would like to attend a BuyHerself seminar in their area. If you are a Realtor or know an exceptional real estate agent, please contact us for more information on becoming a part of the BuyHerself initiative. With love, Susan & Donna

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