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About Us

BuyHerself strives to empower women with information, support and confidence to help navigate complex home buying and selling processes. In relaxed, informative and non-judgmental environments, BuyHerself seminars are led by experienced, female Realtors and delivered in a women-helping-women, no-pressure style.

BuyHerself seminars bridge the gaps between women’s expectations of service providers and actual service provided. Between women’s uneasy confidence in their own financial literacy and the accelerated rate at which they find the self-assurance to purchase homes of their own. Between one-size-fits-all service offers and how women genuinely respond to marketing and cultural expectations in the real world.

Seminar attendees are reached through paid advertising, media articles, social media posts and word of mouth. They attend BuyHerself seminars for a multitude of their own reasons, encompassing their yearning to establish their own home, a desire to build equity and wealth or even in crisis situations like widowhood or divorce. And often, these women chose to work with the Realtors and other professionals they meet at the seminars, because having their questions answered in clear, straightforward terms and developing trust and mutual respect is the necessary basis for successful client/advisor relationships.

BuyHerself is proud to be building our program on these simple, self-evident ideas. We aspire to grow the community of women we serve – along with the ways in which we serve them.

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